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I like all sorts of things, sunshine (no tans though), bicycles, kittens, dancing and quite possibly you if we ever get a chance to meet.

How to bleach your hair without turning it to straw

There are many lovely tutorials online for how to bleach and dye your hair funny colors. This series is mainly for my friends who frequently ask me for advice 🙂 Rather than retell everyone the same info over and over … Continue reading

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Cemetaries and Fancy Ladies

Aimee and I went to the cemetery in December and got some great shots! The weather in New England had been uncharacteristically warm so we wore our baggy belly shirts (super hot for winter), push up bras  and lots of … Continue reading

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Remote blogging test

Just finally figured out how to post on my phone!! Hopefully this makes me blog more! Here are some pics for your amusement. Me as the airport bandit and my nephew as my doppelgänger. ❤ Tess aquarium.

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9 ways to deal with getting stood up for a booty call when you’re poor

So, sort of in the same tradition as Aimee’s post about “9 ways to deal with the break up blues when you’re poor” article I wanted to write “9 ways to deal with getting stood up for a booty call … Continue reading

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So 2 weekends ago I went to visit Aimee in Providence! Aimee and I met at Garment District  (a clothing store in Cambridge) a few Halloween’s ago, Sandra worked there before I started so we never met…until now! We had … Continue reading

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How To Bail Your Friend’s Out of Jail

So without going into too many details about how I know this information I’d like to relate a little story! Once upon a time I was on a road trip from the North East to the South East with some … Continue reading

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Cats and Color

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted! I have so many useful, thoughtful things to tell you (like how to bail your friends out of jail while on a road trip and how to look fierce while at … Continue reading

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La la la Link Round up

So I seriously just wrapped taping for project runway, as a model! Stay tuned for August for more details (it was incredible, I will say that. And a total trip) Which means I am so super pooped after a 5 … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Photo Update

I have lots of things to say and lots of opinions to give about the world.  Namely: the man in the documentary I’m watching Nova: Lost King of the Maya shouldn’t be wearing pleated pants. In fact I’m just going … Continue reading

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Book Klub: My Reading List

Tonight I was high on migraine medicine (this happens every night, wahoo!) and reading the new Jane blog and it made me feel really sad.  I have only read a few older Sassy mags but my ear perk up whenever … Continue reading

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